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Friday, September 19, 2014

Montgomery Gentry After Party

Montgomery Gentry After Party

The John King Band was formed in November 2010 in Athens, Georgia. Since the age of 15, singer/songwriter John King (23) had a dream of blending the stylistic qualities of Southern Rock and Country. After years of sweat and

blood, he finally found that unique sound.

At the age of 15, King formed his first successful rock band. As King put it, “I realized my voice and my songs were just too Country for Rock. It doesn't take away from the fact I love that music.. this is just who I am.”

For the past year, The John King Band has taken the South by storm - performing with country acts such as, Brantley Gilbert, Diamond Rio, and Jerrod Niemann. In 2011, The John King Band had their first big break through when they decided to enter The National College Battle of the Bands. After beating out thousands of bands in the Southeast division of the competition, the guys went on to L.A. to compete in the final five.

As King states, “Since the battle, we have been hitting on all cylinders. We’ve gotten offers to play shows all around the Southeast and we are really seeing a huge increase in our fan base.. it’s a really exciting time.”

King has surrounded himself with one of the most talented young bands in the Southeast. Andrew King (18), King’s younger brother, is one of the most gifted drummers to come out of Georgia in years. Along with bassist Matt Garrison (21), JKB is grounded with a concrete rhythm section. Guitarists Parker Smith (22) and Joe Higgins (23) sport a brilliant double-lead harmony, digging up a sound that has been dormant since the glory days of Lynard Skynard and The Allman Brothers. If blazing twin lead guitar is not enough to catch your attention, the songs will.

 In a March 2011 interview, King said, “We put a lot of effort into our songwriting, that’s our number one priority.” With a unique mix of Southern Rock and Country that is guaranteed to keep the crowd on the dance floor... this is a band you won’t regret seeing!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jeremy Graham Band

Jeremy Graham Band

Who has a voice of an angel with the rasp of a race car? Who sprints around the stage in a camouflage cowboy hat? Who is doing his own thing in "country" music? Who is about to be the new kid on the block?

Augusta, Georgia's Jeremy Graham. ... you simply can NOT get the country off this guy.

He may be new to many; but he already owns his own tour bus, has more than 20,000 fans, has toured overseas, has entertained our military, plays for thousands of people every week and has the hottest country-rock band in the Southeast.

The road behind Jeremy Graham is paved with blood, sweat, tears, bus parts and friends for life. The road ahead adds a production/management deal with Monsta Nash in Nashville, new music co-written with seasoned songwriters, a crew of supporters in Nashville and plenty of goosebumps for his fans.

Consider him discovered.  When Jeremy came to Nashville in January 2010, he wanted to meet one person that would make the trip worth it.  It was on that trip his path crossed with Jason Lucas, music producer and president of Monsta Nash.  The discovery was mutual and totally organic.  It was just a few new friends watching some bands and sharing whiskey from a bottle (just like a song).  Nobody knew that the next day he would step into the studio and impulsively lay down a quick vocal that would change both their lives.  It was obvious what had to happen before the first take was over.

Sure, he's been singing since he could walk, just like every artist; but music doesn't make an artist - LIFE does. Jeremy was raised in the tiny "poke and plum" town of Harlem, GA.  He has all the stories you would want a country boy to have.  Woods, fishin', deer huntin', church, bikes, bugs, bonfires, beer, farms, dogs, trucks, and of course ... girls.

He's been dealt a good hand of people too.  His father is the real-deal country man's man - gentle and tough, yet smart as a fox.  His mother is a witty, former pro singer, who turned down a record deal in Nashville when she was his age.  His little sister and best friend - well, let's just say there are still peaches in Georgia, y'all.  And the band?  He hand picked his crew ranging in age from 21 to 73.  They're new country and old country all wrapped up with lovable personalities to boot.  He's married to his dream girl and they can't seem to get enough of each other.  Yup, they're all close and living the life today, just like some kind of TV show.... probably a sitcom at that.

Nominated for 2010 Georgia Country Artist Of The Year and ready to record his full length album and first music video, Jeremy is about to share the best of what he is with all of us.  All that flavor is packed into one voice and pumped by the biggest heart you may ever know.  The fans are like family and they ... WE ... love him to bits.