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Friday, October 31, 2014

Velcro Pygmies Halloween Party

Velcro Pygmies Halloween Party

The Velcro Pygmies are everything that's right about rock n roll. Loud, fast, larger than life, and in your face. Big lights, foul language, tight pants and the occasional boob. They've been compared to the likes of Van Halen, Poison, Bon Jovi,


and Air Supply (They've got a sensitive side too). If you like "Big Rock" this is the band for you. If you are more into the "Hippie" thing don't waste your time; you'll hate them.

The band released its 6th record in 07, American Muscle, which is a collection of 10 original arena rock anthems designed to blow the 6x9s right out of your Trans Am, and an inspired cover of Sweet Home Alabama. Their relentless tour cover of Sweet Home Alabama. Their relentless tour schedule carries them all across the eastern part of the US with the occasional trip to Texas where they are wanted for numerous traffic violations. The band's fan base encompasses all ages races and genders plus animals really like them too.

The Pygmies consist of Jason "DEP" Reed (take a look at his picture and you'll know why he's called that) on bass, Chris Eddins, the world's most entertaining drummer. Angel the blonde mohawk axeman, and Cameron, wants to be David Lee Roth, Flener on lead vocals. The band is a unique blend of personalities and energies that create a massive rock experience. It's a trip back to when rock n roll was fun and entertaining and not political or angry.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Amanda Daughtry Halloween Party

Amanda Daughtry Halloween Party

When Amanda Daughtry was 7 years old she heard "Digging up Bones" by Randy Travis on the radio, she began to sing and that day she fell in love with country music. That song started her on a lifelong mission to succeed.


Amanda was born in Jacksonville, NC. Her father moved the family to Raleigh when she was 5 to expand his concrete finishing company into the triangle. Not shortly after they planted roots in the small town of Cleveland School in Johnston County, NC.

Amanda always showed charisma and a spark to entertain all and any crowd. During her younger years, her hometown was small,and there were not many places for her to perform. So, like many other young entertainers she practiced in the mirror with her hairbrush, ALL of the time! Driving her parents and siblings crazy, she was determined to have perfection.

Not alone in her musical talents, her grandmother Deannie (the oldest of eight) and most of her sibilings and their decendents are all vocally talented. During the summer she would stay with her Grandmother and attend church, where her grandmother carried a first sorprano in the church choir. She was very impressed with her talent.

Yearning for any kind of involvement with music she played clarinet in middle school band and credits those years for introducing her to music theory. During high school she was a dedicated member of honors choir. After earning her drivers license she participated in theatre and country variety shows. One of her greatest memories was singing " Pink Cadillac" for her high school pageant and dazzling the crowd with her remarkable performance,vocals and rendition of the song. Michael Mozingo a judge for the pageant, leaned back in his chair during the performance, shook his finger and smiled. She received solid 10s from each judge in each category. She won! With her bright personality she is liked and loved with her friends, family, fans, and musical community!!!

Of course she had to work, go to school, and all that Jazz. In all of her spare time, she continued to sing on variety shows, weddings, competitions, showcases, and after starting a band, she began to sing at local festivals, parties and clubs. She fit right into the musical life on the go.

She kept a full time job, continued with college, and booked and managed her own band!! To say she has passion and determination is an understatement. People took her seriously and knew when she was onstage, you couldn't touch her! Some people can sing, then some people can perform, and then Amanda Daughtry can do both and very well.

The hard blow came in 2006 when Amanda was pushing for her Nashville dreams. Her father called to say her mother had left and that he needed help with her brother, himself, and the family company. Her brother Nicholas is low functioning Autistic and requires full time watch and care. Amanda quit her job and began helping her father.

Her dad has always been very supportive of her music and her band. She currently still helps with her brother and works for her father's company. All and any spare time she  performs with her band, writes music daily, and creatively works with her band to make her live performances one of a kind. Her new band flows with pizzaz and the road to success is within reach. 2012 poses a great test for Amanda! Will her amazing performance, talent, and determination move her to the top. She is opening for Nashville acts this year and recording a new original album.